Why Gymnastics?

If you’re here, you’re probably already interested in gymnastics either for yourself, or for your child. We thought you might appreciate a few reasons why we think gymnastics is the ultimate activity, just in case you haven’t made up your mind, just yet… 


  1. Gymnastics is FUN!
    At Springers Gymnastics Center, we focus on the fun. Where else are you going to find an activity where you are actually asked to run and jump up and down as much as you can?  Where else can you swing and spin constantly?  Don’t worry about breaking the couch, or falling off the bed, because here, you’re expected to have fun.
  2. Gymnastics is a relatively safe sport.
    In some recent data, gymnastics ranks below many of the more popular sports such as soccer, football, softball and basketball, in Emergency Room visits.  Because so much emphasis is put on safety, as well as proper progression in skills, many gymnastics injuries are minor.  Early on, gymnasts learn how to fall properly and distribute their weight evenly.  Long-term gymnasts develop a “cat-like” ability to right themselves.
  3. Gymnastics is for everyone!
    Gymnastics is not just for the Olympic Athlete.  Gymnastics builds strong, healthy kids and is appropriate for all of them.  Sure, we have a competitive program, but many more of our students do gymnastics recreationally for many, many years.  Big or small, tall or short, gymnastics has a benefit for everyone.
  4. Gymnastics promotes self-esteem, and fosters confidence. 
    In the development of many of the skills we introduce, your child is going to learn how to use and control their body in many new and exciting ways.  As your child progresses and becomes more proficient, their confidence in their ability and self-esteem will become stronger.
  5. Gymnastics promotes discipline.
    Gymnastics is a very diverse sport, and as such, requires discipline in order to control your body in very intricate ways.
  6. Gymnasts tend to do very well in school.
    While we are not psychologists, nor do we have degrees or expertise in how to determine all of the specifics, there is a lot of information about how gymnastics helps children in reading, and math at an early age.
  7. Gymnastics is the ultimate sport!
    Gymnasts are generally stronger than any other athlete.  Pound for pound, gymnasts possess more “relative strength” among their Olympic peers.  Gymnasts are more flexible than any other athlete.  Flexibility, and strength are the cornerstones of gymnastics.  Because of this emphasis, gymnasts tend to avoid some of the more common injuries sustained in other sports.  If you add these two reasons with a year-round training schedule, it is easy to see why gymnastics outshines every other sport.  As the saying goes, “If it were easy, they’d call it Football.”
  8. Gymnastics is NOT just for girls. 
    While we welcome and promote the benefits gymnastics offers young women, understand that the Men’s side of the house is just as exciting, and more challenging (Doug and Kristel argue this point all the time!).   At Springers Gymnastics Center, we want to provide an opportunity for the young men of Hancock County and our surrounding community to experience the awesome world of gymnastics.
  9. Gymnastics helps develop social skills in young students.
    We offer programs for infants as young as 18 months where they can learn how to interact with other youngsters.  As your child grows, this gymnastics program grows with them to help teach life skills and values such as goal setting and achievement, as well as the benefit of hard work, and determination.  Respect for others, responsibility for our own actions, and honesty in our daily lives are all values that we try to instill in our students.
  10. Did we mention that gymnastics is FUN? 
    We are so confident that your child will enjoy our program, that we want you to take your first class for free, with no risk.  If you and your child are not satisfied after this class, you have no obligation to us.