Three Springers’ Gymnasts win state championships

ELLSWORTH — Nine-year-old Ellie Kane led 14 girls from Springers’ Gymnastics Center with three standout performances at last weekend’s USA Gymnastics Maine State Championships in Waterville.

Competing at Level 3, Ellie placed first on the balance beam and in the floor exercises and was the top all-around gymnast among girls age 9.

The competition, for levels 2-8, involved about 200 gymnasts from 10 teams across Maine with the delegation from Springers’ competing in levels 3-6.

“The USA Gymnastics League requires a qualifying score to be eligible to attend the state meet,” said coach Doug Springer, “and we were very proud of all of our gymnasts who made it this year.”

In addition to individual competition, Springers’ fielded teams at levels 3, 4 and 5, with the Level 5 team placing third.

Two other young gymnasts from Springers’ won state championships.

At Level 3, age 8, Lily James had a winning performance on the balance beam to with second place on the vault, third in floor exercises and fourth on the uneven bars, good for second all-around.

At Level 4, age 9, Eleanor Tyne was a champion on the uneven bars, placed third on the vault, seventh on the floor and balance beam and was fourth all-around.

Other Springers’ gymnasts and their scoring:

Level 3, age 8

Genevieve Muise – third on balance beam, fifth on vault, uneven bars and floor, fourth all-around.

Kaela Springer – second on vault, fourth on uneven bars, eighth on balance beam and floor, seventh all-around.

Mercedes Ulichny – third on floor, fourth on balance beam, seventh on vault and uneven bars, eighth all-around.

Level 4, ages 7-8

Riley Crowley – second on uneven bars, fifth on vault, balance beam and floor, fifth all-around.

Level 4, age 10

Elena Springer – eighth on vault, 11th on uneven bars, 12th on floor, 13th on balance beam, 11th all-around.

Level 4, ages 11 and over

Syra Gutow – seventh on floor, eighth on vault, 10th on uneven bars, 11th on balance beam, 10th all-around.

Level 5, ages 11 and under

Gilly Rice – fourth on vault, balance beam and floor, seventh on uneven bars, fifth all-around.

Maddie Nida – sixth on vault, eighth on floor, ninth on uneven bars, 11th on balance beam, ninth all-around.

Level 5, ages 12 and over

Anna Brown – seventh on vault, eighth on floor, ninth on uneven bars and balance beam, 10th all-around.

Level 6

Sarah Danby – fourth on vault, fifth on uneven bars, eighth on balance beam and floor, 10th all-around.

Paige Sawyer – sixth on vault and balance beam, ninth on uneven bars and floor, 11th all-around.

Springers’ gymnasts will finish their regular season representing the Down East Family YMCA in Old Town over the coming weekend.

They will compete in the State YMCA Championships April 25-27 and the YMCA Regional Championships May 9-11.

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