*All programs are offered for girls and boys*


Jump In Gym: Walking to 3 years

This 45 min class is a great time for you and your toddler to explore our gym and run, jump, roll, bounce, swing and play. This group also provides an opportunity for your young one to get acquainted with other children in a safe social setting.

$5.00 per visit.  All participants must Register through the Parent Portal, and sign in at every visit.

Pre-School Program:

In the Pre-School Program, our young gymnasts learn basic body positions, jumps, and basic gymnastics skills.  We introduce our gymnasts to basic apparatus in our Just For Kids Pre-School area.  This 45 minute class will help your young gymnast get the wiggles out while teaching confidence, strength and coordination.

KinderGym: Kindergarten

When your child is enrolled in Kindergarten, this is their class! This one hour class will introduce gymnasts to the artistic apparatus, while teaching basic gymnastics such as forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, and handstands.  Kinder Gymnasts will also learn basic routines on all the events which they can perform at our end of the year ‘Meet’.

Recreational: Grades 1 through 4

In our Recreational Program, we help our gymnasts perfect basic skills, and progress them into harder, more complex skills and routines.  We follow the progressive learning program developed by USA Gymnastics and teach Level 1, 2, or 3 routines.  The class numbers refer to the number of years your child has been in our program.  If this is your first year, sign up for the Girls 1.  Second year, Girls 2, etc.  At the end of the year, we have a ‘Meet’ for all of our gymnasts where they get to ‘perform’ and show their hard work. Proper technique and execution are stressed in a safe, progressive environment.

Home Team:  Grades 1 through 5

Our Home Team is for the more serious gymnasts who are looking for an extra challenge.  The Home Team meets twice a week, and works on learning and perfecting their routines for a series of competitions throughout the year.  While the focus of these competitions is participation based, we do stress proper form and execution.  Girls that are successful in this program may have an opportunity to join our Competitive Program.

Competitive Team:  Grades 1 through 12

The success of our competitive program continues to grow every year.  We have gymnasts that compete in the Maine YMCA and USA Gymnastics Leagues against other teams in the state, and region.  Our gymnasts have brought home many state titles and regional titles, as well as a number of state championship team titles.  Our team members practice multiple times a week, and show dedication to gymnastics by practicing all year round.